15 Fun Facts About Slot Machines


Slot machines have been around for decades and there are quite a few fun facts which have been established over the years. These can provide some nice little insight when spinning the reels and are very entertaining.

  1. The longest jackpot record from a slot machine started in 1973 and was of a bit over $65,000. It wasn’t until 2001 when the record was broken as a game paid a cool million dollars.
  2. The largest land-based casino jackpot awarded on a slot was of $39.7 million and it was hit at the Excalibur Hotel by a player who only put in $100 to bet.
  3. The current largest jackpot ever awarded by an online slot machine is worth £13.2 million and it was won in 2015 by a player from the UK on the Mega Moolah slot.
  4. Japan is the country with the most number of slot machines based on the number of citizens, with a machine for every 27.
  5. The US comes in as the second country with the most slots and from the 800,000 now in use, more than a quarter of them are found in Las Vegas.
  6. Macau is considered to be the gambling capital of the world due to its large casinos and huge number of players who visit them every year.
  7. Super Big Bertha was the largest machine ever created at 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall. It was very popular in the 1950s and cost about $1.2 million to create.
  8. The myth that a slot machine will not pay if it recently awarded the jackpot is false and since every spin is random, it is actually possible for the game to award two jackpots in a short period of time.
  9. The classic slot machine symbols showing BAR and different fruit images were initially used to determine the type of gum they would award. Created by Herbert Mills in Chicago, these machines dispensed gum as prizes and the symbols would represent the flavors.
  10. An average slot machine found in a casino nowadays weighs about 127 kilograms.
  11. Modern slot machines, be it in casinos or on the internet, work with the help of random number generators to ensure a fair outcome on each spin.
  12. The chance of winning is not predetermined in the machine by the time of the day or the number of spins recently played.
  13. There are two types of jackpots in slot machines. The first is a flat jackpot which is basically the max win a slot can offer and the second is a progressive jackpot which grows by a small percentage of the bets placed on it by players on the network.
  14. The first slot machine was created in 1985 with the goal to keep customers entertained at a car repair shop while the mechanic did his job.
  15. Nowadays, there are new online slots being launched every month and some of them can even have 3D cinematic graphics.

This post was written by Ryan Fry. Ryan Fry is an enthusiastic writer, blogger, ukelele player and is the assistant editor at tuxgames.